Caffe Daniella-Who Knew?

I have been having a hard time thinking of what I learned at the end of the day. Today, I learned that Caffe Daniella in Worthington has a big back room. I thought  it looked like a tiny little place stuffed in behind Graeter’s ice cream.

Tonight was the installation of officers for St. Michael Council of the Knights of Columbus. Brett, my husband, is one of the officers who just got installed. The event took place in the back room at Caffe Daniella. They had salad, rolls, meatballs, and two kinds of pasta.

A lot of our friends at St. Michael’s are also involved in the Knights of Columbus. It is nice to see younger people getting involved: this shows that the Knights organization should survive in our parish.

These younger guys are a good group. We have a group called, for lack of a better name, “St. Mike’s Young Couples.” On Saturday we had a cookout at a member’s house. There were about 18 adults including the 26-year old associate pastor and a young seminarian. There were also at least 10 children, although some of us don’t have kids yet. We had a good time, but it was really cold out. It took me until I was asleep to get warm.

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