Against Bitterness

I had composed an exceedingly long post about why I don’t have kids yet. It doesn’t matter because things will happen in God’s time, not mine. I don’t need to be impatient and bitter. It doesn’t help. I’ll just say this:

It involves B. being unemployed.

It involves me committing envy against everyone who has children.

It involves St. Cunnegundes.

Instead, I resolve to choose patience. Someday soon, we will be able to have a family. I will choose happiness with my current life.

In happy news, a cat has adopted us. We think she’s a girl. We haven’t named her. Here she is:

What did I learn today?

Some folks in my office go to the basement when the tornado siren is sounded. Some don’t. I chose to go today. We only had to be there for fifteen minutes.

One thought on “Against Bitterness

  1. I felt the same way before we had kids. NFP frustrated me. But Tom wanted to wait. It was very hard. (Especially when I had an early miscarriage and no one believed me.) Now I envy families that have more than 2 kids. “The grass is always greener” I guess. You’re right though, in God’s time. When Tom’s dad was dying of cancer, God sent us Luke to give Tom something/someone to look forward to. It was perfect timing (God’s) for me b/c I had just finished grad school. Julia came about the time Tom’s mom had a stroke. And, Julia has blue eyes, just like her grandma. I want to have more children right now, but I know that God’s timing will be way more perfect than my own.

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