Seven Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary

Seven Quick Takes to (Maybe) Start a Weekly Tradition: Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls

 1.  I remember my first scary Halloween costume. For some reason, I saw it in the store and I liked it. I was probably only four years old. The mask scared me so much that Mum had to put the costume away and make me something prettier before Halloween even rolled around. My advice to parents: Don’t buy your kids scary costumes, especially when they are little. (BTW, my next scary costume was in my mid-twenties, when I put on a Victorian-looking nightgown and robe, powdered my face, and used a red lip-liner to make fang marks on my neck.)

2.  A shout out to St. Michael choir member L. who, because last night was “Trick-or-Treat” in Columbus, showed up to practice in an awesome Hogwarts uniform.

3.  I love All Saints and All Souls days because they remind me that:
a. We are all called to be Saints
b. It may take someone else’s prayer to get us there

4. I like Halloween because I enjoy getting dressed up in costume. I guess it is the performer in me. I will be excited to get dressed up on Halloween when I have kids. I used to get dressed up to hand out candy, but we don’t get trick-or-treaters where we live.

5. I don’t particularly like the fact that people bring their extra candy to work. I have to say a prayer every time I go to the kitchen so I won’t eat any. It’s not that I don’t want to pray, but wouldn’t life be easier without temptation? The candy is what’s really scary about Halloween.

6. I wonder why trick-or-treat is held on a day other than Halloween. We always trick-or-treated on Halloween, and after dinner at that, when it was dark. Now they have limited hours which are mostly in the late afternoon, when it is still light out. At least it is safer, but why isn’t it on the 31st?

7. This verse is included in Morning Prayer in the Office of the Dead from the Liturgy of the Hours, which we pray on November 2nd, All Souls Day:

“If we believe that Jesus died and rose, God will bring forth with him from the dead those who also have fallen asleep believing in him.”
1 Thessalonians 4:14.

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