Holiness in Hebrew

What did I learn yesterday?

The Hebrew root of K’doshim is Kadosh, which we translate as “holy,” but which embodies the idea of a spiritual separation between divine perfection and human imperfection. Some derivatives of Kadosh are:
Kodesh – “holiness”
Kiddush – “sanctification,” applied to hallowing the Sabbath and
Festivals over a cup of wine
K’dushah – “holiness,” “sanctity,” or “sanctification,” as used for a series
of liturgical responses
Kadosh – “holy”
K’doshim – “holy beings”
Kiddushin – “betrothal” or formal engagement
Mikdash – a place of worship
Kodesh Kodashim – the innermost shrine of the Temple; the Holy of Holies

from http://www.tbsoc.com/torahcommentaries/Kdoshim_DvarTorah.pdf

I learned this last night in Bible study. It was brought about because of the location Kadesh in the book of Numbers.  Where the people stayed for a while in the desert and where Miriam died.

The thing that struck me is that the root for the place is the same as the root for marriage and kaddish, the prayer for the dead (not included in the quote…)

I love languages, and I love learning new things!

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