The difficulty of writing a blog

The difficulty of  writing a blog is having time having something to write about. I’m not sure…

I read so many blogs. The bloggers seem to make every day life so interesting. Here’s my everyday life (at least today).

I got up and exercised for about 15 minutes. I ate breakfast, got dressed, and went to work. I was at work for 9 hours (8 plus an hour for lunch). I did take a half-hour walk at lunch time, in the rain, with an umbrella. I came home, got the mail, changed my clothes, made dinner, fed my rabbits, did some cleaning and made a loaf of bread.

I guess that this blog is an experiment. My next entry will be how I make bread. I am going to try to take some pictures and add them to the post. I make all our bread for sandwiches at home because it is cheap and doesn’t have any corn syrup or preservatives. It is also delicious and makes our house smell like a bakery. YUM!

What did I learn today?

Sadly enough, I learned what I’m going to write in my next blog entry.

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