Seven Quick Takes Friday #3

All About me Blogging!

  1. I’m not sure it is worth it. I am not sure if this is caused by not having anything to say, not carving out time to say something when I have something to say, or by my insecurity in feeling that I will never come up with anything people want to read. Maybe part of it comes from the feeling I have that every blog I read is better than mine. I must remember that all the bloggers I read had to start at the beginning, too.
  2. At least I am getting in one blog post a week, even if it is always the “Seven Quick Takes.”
  3. I want to share more about the Lay Dominicans, about my pets, and about my future adventures in vegetable gardening. I just have to find time to write!
  4. There are some things in my life that I would like to gripe about, but I would prefer to keep a cheerful face.
  5. Some people give up blogging for Lent, but I think I need to reflect and share my reflections (in my blog) for Lent. The way blogging is like pulling teeth for me now, it would actually be something of a penance (LOL).
  6. I think I will probably start blogging about the books I read, too.
  7. Totally random and unrelated, I love furry animals. Here is Midnight with the rest of my bunnies in the background:

Don't you love his ears?

Thanks to Hallie for standing in for Jen today and hosting Seven Quick Takes. Read more at her blog, Betty Beguiles.

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday #3

  1. It is so hard not to blog-compare. Mine can’t compete with the ones I read, but I do it just to process and get feed back. I think it helps.

    I’m interested to hear about the Dominican laity program. I’ve heard of the Secular Franciscans, is it similar to that?

    • I think that the Dominican laity is similar to the Secular Franciscans, but with a Dominican style, I guess you would say. I don’t have a lot of experience with the Secular Franciscans (except knowing that some of my favorite saints, like St. Gianna Beretta Molla were Secular Franciscans). I am not a Dominican layperson yet, but I am an inquirer (soon to be a postulant). The thing that drew me to the Dominicans (besides some good friends who are members) is the pillar of Study. Being “knowledgehungry” you know I love to study!

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