Seven Quick Takes Friday #4


I got the results of my thyroid biopsy back today. NO MALIGNANCY! Now we do the dance of joy… I guess my thyroid is just bumpy.


Lent: I am adding more prayer. I do the Liturgy of the Hours, Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer. I am adding the Office of Readings and I’m trying Midday prayer. We are also going to be doing a St. Joseph Novena, beginning today, for B. to find a job. I’m looking forward to our Parish Lenten Mission, which will be preached by Fr. Wade Menezes of the Fathers of Mercy.  I will also be giving up sugar in my coffee, and to the extent I can, meat eaten before the evening meal.


More Lent: I am looking forward to our Fish Fry Friday Evenings, served by our Knights of Columbus (and families, including your servant…) Tonight is the first one. I am a little conflicted about the yummy fish, since it is not really a “fast” compared to the grilled cheese sandwiches or beans and rice we have most Fridays of the year, but I figure the penance of serving and being socially “on” helps.


MORE Lent:  Fasting. I am terrible at fasting. B. completely fasted on Ash Wednesday. On water… I was grouchy all day doing my Church-prescribed fast (one regular meal and two small meals, not to equal the third, and no meat in any). I think on Good Friday I will fast from complaining about fasting.


Even More Lent:  Even though Ash Wednesday is not a holyday of obligation, LOTS of people were at Mass on Wednesday. I think that is a good thing. Does it mean that they recognize the need to repent?


Not strictly Lent: I am looking forward to crafting baby shower presents for my sister and her first baby, G. He is to be born in May or June (she and the doctors disagree about the due date… and she is not an NFP-er like me, so she doesn’t have such a record as I will have, if I am ever blessed with pregnancy). I can’t tell you what I’m making. She might read it and that would spoil the surprise.


Lent again:  I am thinking of a post for Lent about not transferring my Lenten sacrifices and disciplines on to others. I have been thinking about this since Wednesday. I am really glad B. didn’t try to get me to fast completely like he did, or I might have ended up visiting the hospital.

Thank you to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting Seven Quick Takes Fridays.
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