Seven Quick Takes, April 29 2011

The seven best clothing and accessories I have bought secondhand.

1. My favorite, very comfortable blue dress. It is a beautiful color on me and I got it for free at the Peace Corps office giveaway box. It can be dressed up or down. I love it.

2. A black leather Etienne Aigner bag. I carry it all the time.

3. An Eddie Bauer gray cotton and bamboo cardigan. I am taking it to my office to wear when it’s chilly there.

4. A vintage navy wooden-bead bag. At Goodwill for $2.50.

5. A beautiful black wool skirt that fits like it was tailored for me.

6. A red LL Bean raincoat. It is not the newest style, but then again, I’ve had it for about eight years. It kept me dry in Guatemala, which is hard to do!

7. A black wool hooded pea coat. It keeps me warm and looks a  lot better with a dress than my everyday ski jacket. I paid $16 for it. I have had it for several years, and it needs to be cleaned, but I shouldn’t have to wear it again until October… I hope!

I love thrift shopping!

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