7 Quick Takes, 6 May 2011

Seven Quick takes of my busy weekend:


I am so excited to be singing at both of my parish’s First Holy Communion Masses. Seeing little ones receive the Blessed Sacrament for the first time is so edifying for me. When B. and I were on our honeymoon and went to Mass, it just happened to be First Holy Communion at that parish. What grace from God!


I have to start the laundry. Arrgh! I always like to think of myself doing a load a day until we don’t have any left (it takes 3-4 days) and then taking a few days off, but the reality is that I wait until it is Saturday or I don’t have any clean clothes. I wish I had never learned to procrastinate.


I am going to bake bread. I have posted my recipe previously in my blog. Yum! It makes our house smell great. The only problem with making our own bread is finding the time to do it.


Going grocery shopping. I am sensing a theme here: waiting until the last minute. This is a habit I hope to break before having children.


Baking a pear spice cake for Mother’s Day. It is from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook which I looooove! B. picked the recipe. I hope it comes out good! [EDIT: The cake was great!]


Mass! I have the freedom to worship my Lord. This is the best part of the weekend.


Going to my Mom and Dad’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. It should be a good day.

To all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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