Seven Quick Takes May 20, 2011

“If Money were Not an Object” edition:

1. I would love to be able to quit my job. Not because I don’t like my job. My job is fine. I just think it would be great to be able to volunteer as much as I’d like to, and maybe become a stay at home mom (when I become a mom, that is).

2. I would remodel our house. We need new windows and a total kitchen overhaul. I have a few ideas for things that would be cheap or free that would make it better, but I’d love to be able to really fix it.

3. I would like to take a trip somewhere I’ve never been. Actually, it would be cool to visit every state of the United States, and since I’m at less than 30 states so far, it would take some time and money. I would also like to visit a lot of Europe, and the Holy Land.

4. I would replace much of my shabby wardrobe. It is not that I love clothes that much, I just like having something to wear that doesn’t look like it is cast off (which, since I do most of my shopping at Goodwill, most of my wardrobe is).

5. There are so many charitable organizations I would like to be able to help out. Some I benefit from (like EWTN Radio), some are just close to my heart (like pro-life pregnancy centers). I help out as much as I can with my prayers and energy, but I feel like I fall far short.

6. I would like to eat really healthy, natural foods, grown locally and made at home. I know how to make bread from flour, can I make it from grain? I have made yogurt before, but I haven’t made it my habit. My produce comes from the non-organic section of the grocery store. I am concerned about this for taste, health, and the environment (in that order).

7. I hope I could remain grounded. If I knew that having enough money to do what I want to do would make me vain, sinful, loving money, not caring about others, I would rather stay the way I am.

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