Seven Quick Takes 27 May 2011

This week’s quick takes: Seven interesting things I found in my notebook.

I keep a tiny composition book in my purse, and every once in a while, I actually use it to write things down. Because it is so sporadic, I’ve had this notebook since 23 April 2010, so I wondered what I might have written in it. Here are some, in chronological order.

  1. Housekeeping: Grocery lists, housework to-do lists, and menu plans.
  2. A list of baby names that I like. No, I don’t have kids yet. In fact, I have never been pregnant. But last April, when I started writing in this notebook, I was obsessed with babies. I knew no fewer than 15 pregnant women. However, then, as now, my husband was unemployed and I had some problems that may make it hard to get pregnant or stay pregnant. We’re still working on his job and my health. None of this stopped me from dreaming. Now, I try to be a little more practical and live for today. I try to count my blessings instead of yearning after things that I don’t have.
  3. Ideas for hair care. This month marks a year of growing my hair. It has gone from about chin-length down to just past my armpits. I have a tendency to get obsessed. Last May, I was obsessed with products and techniques for helping my hair grow long.
  4. Ideas for rabbit care. Another obsession this was notes on how to care for rabbits, the pets that we got starting in November 2009, including what they can and can’t eat, and what kinds of toys they like to play with.
  5. Ideas for activities for the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Ladies’ meetings. Because B. is the Navigator (read guy in charge) I get to be the lady in charge of the women’s activities. We don’t do much, but I wrote a list of easy crafts and other ideas for things to do at our meetings.
  6. Prayers. I write notes about what the priest tells me in confession, the penance and the advice. I write novenas that I find on-line. I write lists of people to pray for (including a list of pregnant ladies). When I page through the notebook, I try to remember to pray.
  7. Notes from the phone calls about my job. I was really surprised, because I already had a job, but I applied for this job anyway, and within a few days, I got a call. By the time the week was over, I had received another call. Within two weeks, I was working at my new job. It has been a blessing.

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