What I Found in the Honeysuckle

I’ve been trying to clean up my yard lately. I’d like to make it look more like a house where a young couple lives and less like a jungle. In the spirit of this wish, I decided to attack the invasive wild honeysuckle that thrives in our area. It invades disturbed land and tries to kill off the flowering plants and ornamental and fruit trees our home’s previous owner had planted. Tuesday night, I was “hacking” away at my nemesis honeysuckle, but I had to stop because of a lovely discovery.

After I took the photo, I rushed right in to the computer to try to identify the eggs, and soon came up with an answer: house wren. But the nest didn’t match what a house wren should have, and the clutch was much smaller: house wrens usually lay eight to nine eggs. I figured that it was an exception.

Of course, being the amateur I am, I had come up with the wrong answer. Last night I was telling my neighbor about the nest, and he asked to see where it was. I showed him, and lo and behold, there was a female cardinal sitting on the nest. She flushed as soon as she saw us, and my neighbor was able to get a look at the eggs too. I was on my way out and I got home very late, so I waited until this morning to look it up, and when I looked up the cardinal, the eggs matched what I saw.

I am looking forward to keeping an eye on this nest. The incubation period is only 11-13 days, so I will see baby birdies pretty soon.

I’ve never really been into bird watching, but I feel differently since I found this nest. I can hardly wait to see what happens with these little birds because I found them.

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