Seven Quick Takes 10 June 2011

This week’s quick takes: What I’ve been doing this week.

1. B. and I are preparing to help teach Marriage Preparation at our parish. I’m going back and forth on it: I am afraid to speak in front of people, I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong, and I’m afraid I’m a Bad Wife. On the other hand, it is so important to prepare young couples for marriage. I just wish I had more time to prepare to do it.

2. I have a terrible sinus infection. I had a sore throat on Tuesday and I’m knocked so flat that I can’t even go to work today. I didn’t think it was that bad until yesterday.  Amazing how fast things like this happen! Anyway, I went to the doctor and she prescribed some steroids and antibiotics, so I should be back to my normal self in no time.

3. I planted some parsley and catnip. in pots. Inside. After my spring fervor for planting my own vegetables, this is as far as I have gotten.

4. I’m relishing “summer.” This week was the first week without Bible Study, Light Weigh, and Choir Practice. I love having time to read, crochet,  play on the Internet, walk, play with my pets, or spend some time with my husband.

5. Pinterest. Okay, so I haven’t really gotten properly started with this yet. I only have a few pins. It is a site where you can make virtual “pinboards” of things you like, things that interest you, etc. I’m thinking Christmas list, planning for future home renovations (when we have the $$$), and shopping ideas. You can also follow others and see their pinboards. It looks like it is going to be fun!

6. Thinking about nutrition. I weigh a few pounds more than I’d like to, and I have some other problems that can be helped by  nutrition as well (PMS, skin problems, apparently some luteal phase deficiency). I’m just not sure who to trust on this stuff. There’s the “mainstream” nutrition ideas (the low-fat, American Heart Association-type stuff), there’s the Mediterranean diet, there’s the Real Food people, and many more. I don’t like the idea of giving up meat or dairy or grains. I wonder if there is something out there for me. Probably the best thing would be to add a few more vegetables and eat a few less sweets.

7. I got to meet this guy.

He’s my sister, P.’s first baby. Isn’t he adorable? I was so happy to be able to go to the hospital and see him for the first time. he was born on Wednesday. I was afraid I’d be upset because my sister is five years younger than I am and I don’t have kids yet, but I did well up until it was time to leave.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes 10 June 2011

  1. Pinterest is such an addictive place! I went there a lot for inspiration when I was designing digital scrapbooking kits.

    Regarding nutrition: stay with whole, natural foods (and yes, this can include dairy, eggs, meat and grains) and avoid processed ones (even sugar is a processed food) and you’ll be golden! Fats are good for you. Butter and olive oil, in particular. Good luck!

    And thank you for commenting on my blog today. 🙂

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