Sinus Infections and Miscarriage

OK, folks, I’m about to go down a road I’ve never been down in my blog. It may be TMI for some of you…

For the record, I have never been pregnant. However, I have some apparent hormonal  problems which may make it hard for me to get pregnant or stay pregnant in the future. I am working with a doctor to get this stuff evened out so that by the time B. and I are able to start trying to get pregnant, there won’t be any issues.

Today out of the blue, one of the women in my office-I’ll call her Jane- asked me to come into her office.

Jane told me she was concerned for me because of a conversation we had last week. I had had a TERRIBLE sinus infection. The kind that knocks you down on the sofa and you breathe through your mouth (with difficulty) for a week. The doctor didn’t just give me an antibiotic for the sinus infection, she also gave me a steroid (prednisone). I’m almost all better now but Jane remembered speaking about it.

Jane said that since I’m young, she figured I probably want to have children (duh). She told me that she had only one son, who was born when she was 36 (she’s about 70 now). After she had her son, she had several miscarriages. Each time she miscarried, she had a sinus infection. A terrible sinus infection, the kind I get about once every fall and once every spring. She told me “Miscarriages are terrible. I don’t want you to have to go through that.” I almost cried, but I was able to hold it together. Here is something that has been on my mind, one of my deepest fears, if you will. Jane knew, maybe not specifically, but she knew that I might need to know.  She said all her life, into her mid-40’s when she had a tonsillectomy, she had this kind of sinus infections, but she never imagined that it would cause such a problem.

I hope that this never affects me, but I think that at least I can watch my sinus problems and try not to let things get to the infected stage. Maybe I can prevent this heartbreak.

Has anyone ever heard of a correlation between sinus infections and miscarriage?

12 thoughts on “Sinus Infections and Miscarriage

  1. I don’t know anything about it, but I wouldn’t give up ahead of time. Use the time in the interim to find a doctor who knows how to work with the body, in other words a NaPRO doctor. They can’t surmount everything, but if it can be surmounted, they’ll find a way.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I do have a NaPro doctor and he is wonderful. He has the reputation as the only doctor in town who will actually try to figure out what is wrong with you (instead of pushing IVF). We’re already working on getting things squared away– I’m not very patient, but he’s helping.

  2. i actually had bronchitis when i found out i was pregnant with my son in 2008 and i had two other bronchial infections as well as a bout of strep throat. (i actually had bronchitis on top of the preeclampsia when i had to have the emergency c-section.)

    the only somewhat plausible explanation for the condition is that your body will miscarry if it’s under trauma. it could potentially be caused by a sinus infection but i think you’d have to be at the point of a septoplasty before your body would feel like it has to miscarry.

    • I tend to think you are right about being at the point of a septoplasty before your body would feel like it has to miscarry. I think I’m probably just paranoid!

  3. That is some interesting information. I’m sorry to hear that sinus might make it difficult. I don’t want it to be for you both. You deserve the best. But, my gut reaction is to prednisone. I’ve taken it twice in the last year for things not sinus. My cycle got completely thrown out of whack. I don’t know much else about the topic, but I’d be leery of prednisone.

    • My cycle is always completely out of whack, so I didn’t notice any difference from the prednisone. I will probably refuse it if my doctor prescribes it again, knowing what I know now.

  4. I had a miscarriage about a month ago and have developed a persistent headache, sinus pain, extreme dizziness and hot flushes a few times an hour for the last two weeks. I am on antibiotics at the moment and curiously no better. I never thought it could be due to the miscarriage actually I just thought I was ill with sinusitis. It is very interesting to me to hear about the link between sinusitis and miscarriage, so thank you.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.
      I am not a doctor or a scientist of any sort – I don’t know if there’s a link. I’ve never had a miscarriage that I know of. In this post I was sort of “wondering aloud” after my coworker told me about her experience. It’s completely anecdotal.

    • I’m 7 wks 3 days pregnant went to hospital last night because I felt pain and they couldn’t hear babies heartbeat : (, I didn’t miscarry so they have to DNC. I also found out I have a UTI I’m so worried this is somehow my fault, because of infections or something else. Do you think it’s all somehow correlated?

      • First of all, I’m very sorry for your loss. I do not believe it is your fault. I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I know that there are many reasons why little ones die in utero. You mustn’t blame yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You have my prayers.

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