Seven Quick Takes 7/15/11

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes Fridays. Visit her to read more quick takes!

This week’s quick takes: Seven things online that have inspired me, made me think, or made me smile this week.

1. Betty Beguiles: 15 Ways to Encourage Your Husband  Hallie Lord, the author of this fab blog, starts off telling about how life has been kind of tense at her house lately. Boy, can I relate! Things are tense at my house, too. But I love my husband. I know he needs some encouragement in what he’s going through. Hallie and her commenters have some great ideas for how I can encourage him.

2. Conversion Diary: How I Learned to Love Housework. I will admit that I already like housework (when I have time to actually do it), but I like how Jennifer Fulweiler explains housework as “bringing order out of chaos.” I just hope I can still see it that way when I have kids (Jen has 5,  and one is brand new).

3. Standing on My Head: Gimme that Old Time Religion, in which Fr. Dwight Longenecker points out that even though the Masses we attend and the priests whose homilies we hear are not perfect,

The New Testament, and the message of the church down the ages is straightforward: “Repent and believe the Gospel and be baptized”. In other words, “Admit you are a sinner, turn to God for forgiveness. Accept the strange,
but compelling truth that Christ died on the cross to forgive your sins. Receive his gift of new life with an open heart with nothing held back. Change your ways. Begin to live the Catholic faith in simplicity and honesty. Empowered by
God’s grace, live in the church, learn to pray, live with the sacraments, love others. This is the way you follow Christ.”

and “You are unhappy and searching for something because you are imperfect.” That might be obvious, but sometimes I need to be reminded.

4. New Theological Movement: St. Benedict, the common life, and the danger of “lone-rangers”; or, What St. Benedict might say to Fr. Corapi. Father “Reginaldus” talks about St. Benedict’s Rule and how important the life in community is. Most people can’t go it alone. We get sinful and confused when we are alone if we aren’t well enough grounded in Christ. This post specifically talks about priests and religious (and Fr. Corapi in particular), but I think laypeople also need to remember how important it is to be part of the community of the Church.

5. Nunspeak: Are You Speaking God’s Word to a Brick Wall? Sister Lisa talks about how when we share the Good News with someone, even if they don’t seem to listen “It may seem at times we are not making any headway, and that’s okay,” because God says, in Isaiah 55:11 “my word shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it.” It is encouragement to keep on:  to keep on praying, to be prepared to share God’s Word, and to be thirsty for souls for the Lord. We never know how our faith may touch someone.

6. Lest you think all I do all day is read Catholic blogs, I watched this video this week, too. I hope when I am…experienced like these folks, I can have fun they way they seem to. Warning, though: Mr. G. said it was cute, but he didn’t see what the big deal was. Fine. There’s no accounting for taste.

7. Cute Overload: A Beady Eyed Plan. I love cute furry animals!

Have a lovely weekend. You can share your own Quick Takes at Conversion Diary, too!

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