Lest you think NFP is too complicated…

My husband and I use the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning. It’s true:  it is pretty complicated. It takes a while to learn. It requires daily charting. It requires multiple reviews with an instructor. We chose this model because of my cycle irregularities- Creighton has NaPro Technology, a system to diagnose and treat such irregularities based on the symptoms that are recorded each day.

However, the Georgetown University Institute for Reproductive Health has pioneered a really simple method of NFP. It still requires the participation of both partners, but it does not require charting. In fact, women who don’t know how to read or write can master it. It is called the TwoDay Method (TDM).

Did you read the graphic? Now you know how to use the TwoDay Method. Its one big drawback is that it doesn’t work for women who have continuous secretions. With perfect use, it is 96% effective in preventing pregnancy (86% with typical use – meaning what most people would do).

Note: Please do not take my word for it. I am not a professional. I’m just enthusiastic. You need to learn from someone who knows or at least from a reputable book.

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