Important Point about NFP

A friend of mine brought up an important point in addition to what I said the other day about NFP. Earl and his wife Carol used to be a Couple to Couple League Teaching Couple, teaching the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP. Earl pointed out that my post on NFP had some inaccuracies, and

Unexpected pregnancies happen when couples shave the rules – so it is important to be precise and accurate when communicating about NFP. -Otherwise couples think they are following the rules (when they are not) and then blame the method when an unexpected pregnancy occurs.

It is important that if you learn NFP, you learn from an instructor or at the very least from a reliable  book, and not just from an enthusiastic user who writes a few paragraphs explaining that NFP is possible, without getting into deep enough detail. In other words, I use and believe in NFP, but I’m not a teacher and there is still much that I don’t know. I myself am still in the process of learning the NFP method we use, and I am working with an instructor to make sure I understand properly so we can postpone pregnancy for now and conceive when the time comes.

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