7 Quick Takes Number 14!

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Today, themeless Quick Takes. In the spirit of “seven ideas that you can’t write a full blog post about,” I am going to write seven blurbs. Enjoy!


Have you ever looked at They Draw and Cook? How cute! Pictorial recipes. Many of them are in metric, but I don’t think that should stop me from trying a few.


I won a M.ary Ka.y beauty treatment day. The saleslady keeps calling me to schedule, but I’m not sure I want to go. On one hand, it would be fun and probably relaxing to have the treatments. On the other hand, my skin is pretty sensitive, I rarely wear makeup, I don’t like chemicals, I have no moneys, and she’ll probably try to sell me stuff. But it does sound like fun, and you are not required to buy anything. What would you do?


I made homemade yogurt this week. It turned out a little runny, but tasty. I’ll try again next week. I can’t believe how easy it is, and cheap!


I didn’t add to my Clean Hippie series this week. Maybe this weekend. I’m just trying to live and keep things simple right now. I have done much more laundry and cleaned both bathrooms (including mopping), in addition to my usual bread-baking, yogurt-making and other craziness, I’ve been reading…


I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Toward the Gleam by T.M. Doran (as well as La Leche League’s Whole Foods for the Whole Family cookbook and The Little House Cookbook and George Weigel’s biography of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope). Good stuff! I am getting back to my voracious reader ways. For about four years since I started library school, I haven’t been able to get into fiction like I used to, but I’m back. I love it! I can’t read just one book at a time.


My cat, Lucy, is soooo clingy. I love the little stinker, but is it really necessary to sit on my lap at this time of year? It’s so hot! She insists on sitting on my lap for at least part of Morning Prayer every morning. Then I have to find my lint roller before I leave.

This was taken in the winter, but you get the idea.


I’ve got a feelin’ (WOO HOO!) (cue Blac.k-E.yed P.eas)

Sorry! I have a feeling things are going to start looking up for B. and me. Not for any reason. I just think things are going to get better. I have no evidence, I haven’t had a premonition, but I just feel like things are going to improve soon.

Have a blessed and happy weekend!

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