Seven Quick Takes, Volume 15

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I have to tell you, I’m not feeling the Quick Takes today, but I’m trying to be faithful to my blog.


Part of the reason I’m not into writing is that I have a sore thumb. I’m wearing a brace and it makes typing difficult because I can’t use that thumb on the space bar. You don’t realize how important your thumb is until you can’t use it.


B. and I had our interview last night with the promoter for the Dominican Lay Fraternity (at the local level). Basically, we had an hour conversation with one of our favorite priest friends. Not too difficult.


I had a good exchange with one of my favorite priest bloggers earlier this week and got a great suggestion. Fr. Ryan Erlenbush wrote about St. Dominic’s Nine Ways of Prayer, one of which is “discipline,” that is self-mortification by hitting oneself with something (in St. Dominic’s case, an iron chain). Most Christians are not called to such severe penance. I certainly am not, and so I asked Father what kind of mortifications he would recommend for the rest of us. His suggestion was perfect for me, because I know that laziness in the morning is one of my personal flaws:

My favorite mortification to recommend comes from St. Josemaria Escriva: “The heroic minute. It is the time fixed for getting up. Without hesitation: a supernatural reflection and… up! The heroic minute: here you have a mortification that strengthens your will and does no harm to your body. If, with God’s help, you conquer yourself, you will be well ahead for the rest of the day.”

In other words, to get out of bed immediately, to make a spiritual act (as the first thought of the day, e.g. “Jesus I love you!”). To this I generally kneel down and add three Hail Mary’s (following St. Alphonsus).

I’ve been pretty successful at doing this so far, except today. Also, I do have trouble first thing in the morning because my bladder doesn’t live up to my expectations. I have had to take a bathroom break in the middle of these (very short) prayers a couple of day. I’m trying, though, which I think is better than laying in bed.


It has been very quiet in the office this week. However, as school starts in less than two weeks, I know that this is the calm before the storm.


Thank God for parish garage sales. We are having one during our festival, the first weekend in September, but people bring donations the whole month before. The folks from the St.Vincent DePaul Society who run the garage sale are more than happy to sell things ahead of time so they won’t have to store them. I was able to get a lovely Pack n’ Play for my precious two-month-old nephew. Yay!


I have started keeping a prayer list of pregnant ladies again. I do this because praying for someone makes it impossible for me to envy them. I’m not sure if this is healthy or not, but I do know that everyone needs prayers.

Have a lovely weekend and God bless you!

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes, Volume 15

  1. This is going to sound platitudinous but when your body is in a good place, you’ll conceive. In my case, there was such a thing as a biological clock and it was like my body was saying “NOW!!! NOW!!!” when my son was conceived.

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