Seven Quick Takes Friday, Volume 16

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I’m “feeling” blogging even less this week than last week. My thumb still hurts, my husband is still unemployed, we’re still childless, our house is still a pit, and my great-uncle died in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday. The things I have on my mind, I don’t really want to talk about, and my creativity has tanked.



The sister who is now the principal of our parish school told me this at the beginning of the summer. The best thing is  that she just said it off-hand. I wasn’t asking for advice or guidance or anything. We were just conversing. I know there is hope, because He is faithful. Despite the things that are genuinely depressing and the things that I’m being petty about, God is faithful.


I prayed a novena with St. Thérèse of Lisieux earlier this summer. It helped me immensely to stop feeling sorry for myself. I am afraid I am slipping back into that pattern again. I thought about it Wednesday night, though, because I went to the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration chapel at my parish and when I walked in, there was a big, beautiful vase of roses of all different colors in the windowsill. They smelled heavenly. “They” say that St. Thérèse will send you roses as a signal. She herself said “I will let fall from Heaven a shower of roses.” I don’t know if the roses were just there, but they surprised and delighted me and I took them to be a signal that things are going to be okay.


Lest you think that these quick takes have a theme, I have a confession to make. I am so annoyed by the folks who link up to “Seven Quick Takes” but don’t have seven clear quick takes in their entries. I know this is petty. I am a child (okay, I’m almost 33 years old, but I sure act like a child). I would like to be able to be okay with this– this is my task for future Fridays.


I had a salad with tuna for lunch today because I’m at work and B. can’t stand the smell of tuna. I think it’s good cheap protein, but he can’t stand the smell of it, so I don’t have it at home. Yum!


Only one more weekend before our parish festival! I’m so excited… to be nearly done! We are the “Volunteer Co-Chairmen” which means we are in charge of getting volunteers, getting them where they need to be, and making sure things run smoothly between them. This means every weekend in August, we spend about 7 hours at church, between attending Mass and getting people signed up to help with the festival. September we won’t have to do this anymore. One big sigh of relief!


We’ve been watching the Little League World Series all week. I really enjoy this. The boys are so talented, and still so real. They let themselves be vulnerable much more than grown men (Major League players) do. You can really see what they are feeling. Sometimes I get tired of watching sports, but I’m enjoying this.

May God bless you and give you a good weekend!

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