Seven Quick Takes, Volume 17

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More random takes…


Did you know eating black grapes can turn your tongue purple? I know I’m a very strange bird, but as a child I love-love-LOVED candy that would turn my tongue a funny color. These days, I love-love-LOVE eating things that are natural and healthy. But I’m still a very strange bird, and I tried really hard to take a picture of my tongue, but the pictures don’t show the lovely purple shade I saw in the mirror, see:

Anyway, I had fun eating grapes that turned my tongue purple. I will have to add them to my fun food repertoire.


Parish Festival this weekend! If you are not familiar with how we do it around here, it is like a real fair, with food, rides, midway games, and a casino, a silent auction, music, and much more. I’m excited because it is almost over! B and I have been working our tails off getting volunteers to run all the games, make the food, and sell tickets, and making sure they will be accounted for. Monday, we rest!


I got my invitation for reception into the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic. It says, in part:

On behalf of the… council members I am pleased to invite you to take the Rite of Reception into the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic.  We are happy you have chosen to continue your formation in our beloved Dominican Order and welcome the opportunity to walk with you as we all strive to grow in holiness through our charisms of prayer, study, community, and apostolate.


Ten days until my thirty-third birthday. I know I’m weird, but 33 seems somehow important or maybe ominous. When I was 23 and in the Peace Corps, I met my host-country counterpart, the superintendent of schools for the town where I was to work, and he told me, “I’m 33. The same age as Jesus.” That made an impression which has stuck with me.


My nephew is almost three months old, and he weighs fifteen pounds and fifteen ounces. I haven’t seen him for almost a month. He’s getting to be a big boy already. I see his pictures on fac.ebook and I can’t wait to see him again.


Lots of pregnancy announcements lately, among bloggy and real-life friends. Not to mention that silly faceb.ook “breast cancer awareness” thing. I still don’t get it, “I’m x weeks and I’m craving y?” Whatever. No one has sent it to me yet to understand what it is all about. The first one I read, I freaked, and then I realized it must be a game, designed to confuse. How does that make me more aware of breast cancer?


Can I just go home now? I’m tired and keyed up at the same time from pre-festival work, and about the festival coming off tonight. Wish us good weather, a good festival, and I will pray for blessings for you.

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