Seven Quick Takes Volume 18

Hi Everyone! Don’t forget to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


I am a bit too “law and order” but when I’m reading Friday Quick Takes and come upon one who either links up a regular blog entry or doesn’t enumerate seven (or some number) of quick takes, I get very annoyed.


Is there such a thing as a four-hour stomach bug? I felt like doo-doo this morning, but I’m quite fine now.


I can’t believe this weather we’re having in Ohio. It feels like October. I’m actually wearing a sweater and pantyhose today. That’s right. I wear pantyhose. And a slip. I am just an old-fashioned lady. Believe me, if I wasn’t working in an office, I wouldn’t be wearing pantyhose and a slip today.


Are there Catholic modest fashion bloggers out there? If not, I’m thinking about starting such a blog. The only problem is, after about two weeks, I’ll run out of outfits.


I want to make a mint cake. I have never had a mint cake before, it just struck me as sounding good earlier in the week. I have a birthday soon, so I have an excuse to make cake. However, I don’t know if anyone else would eat mint cake.


I have a busy (birth)day ahead of me on Monday: give blood at 8:30, see the hand surgeon about my bum thumb at 1:00. I’m supposed to go to a Mass at 12:05, and a luncheon afterwards in memory of some co-workers’ siblings who died this summer. However, I think I will have to take time off to do that, because I planned the doctor appointment for my lunch hour, and I know I can’t go to the luncheon and then make it to the doctor’s office on time. Then in the evening, I have the first Bible study meeting of the new school year. I’m kind of excited because we had a really good group last year, and I get to know Jesus better. Win win!


One of our rabbits, Ruby, got behind the TV stand this week and chewed up the cords for the cable box, the motion input for the Wii system, and some random loop antenna. We don’t use the loop antenna, I moved the cord from the guest bedroom to the living room for the cable box, but I don’t know what to do about the Wii. Maybe we can splice it?

Have a blessed weekend!

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