Seven Quick Takes – the REAL Volume 19

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I am calling this the real volume 19 because I noticed that I missed #15… oops! I went back and changed the previous posts to reflect correct numbering.

1. It was still dark out when I got to work this morning. Soon, it will be dark-ish when I get home from work, too. But not today! I am thankful for that. I don’t like the dark. It depresses me.

2. I’m trying to figure this out: do I have my coffee or tea in the morning because I need the caffeine, or is it just because I like to have a hot, tasty beverage? I’m pretty sure I don’t need the caffeine. I have gone without several mornings and been just fine. However, it is part of my routine, and I’d rather not go without.

3. How pitiful is it that the last time I blogged was not only “Quick Takes” but also two weeks ago? I’ve got to do better on this.

4. B. was inducted into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem this past weekend. It is a big honor, but also a huge financial obligation. I am proud but worried. The weekend was lovely and we met some very nice people. I am still just not sure about it, though.

5. We watched “The King’s Speech” this week, about King George VI of England who had a speech impediment (stuttering) and got help from an unconventional speech therapist. I chose the movie because of the good reviews I heard, and because I like Helena Bonham-Carter, Geoffrey Rush and Mr. Darcy… I mean Colin Firth. B. asked me why I chose the movie. I think he thought it was because he had a stuttering problem as a child and had to have speech therapy. I didn’t choose the movie for that reason. I didn’t know him when he was a child. I just wanted to watch a good movie. Despite his initial misgivings, he seemed to enjoy the film as well.

6. I’m reading The Mood Cure. I can’t decide if I think it is real science or not. The book describes a program of amino acid supplementation in order to improve what the author calls “false moods.” I certainly have many of the symptoms she describes. I think I am going to finish reading the book and then cautiously begin the protocol described, knowing that I can stop at any time. I really do believe that nutrition has a lot to do with energy and mood. I’m just not sure what really needs to be done.

7. Our pets missed us over the weekend while were in Chicago. Lucy (the kitty) was mad at us and wouldn’t come near us for a day and a half. One of our rabbits, Ruby, was so happy to see us home that she actually hopped up and visited us on the sofa- something she used to do quite often but hardly ever does anymore. She’s so cute! The other rabbits seemed happy we were home, but did not do anything special. Thanks to Tim, Denise, and the girls for taking care of them while we were away.

That wraps up this week’s quick takes. Have a blessed weekend. It’s our first weekend “off” since July, so we are excited to have some time to clean, relax, and spend with family. I hope you can do the same!

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