Seven Quick Takes Friday – Volume 21

— 1 —

I’m back! My hand is healing great. I got my stitches (all two of them) out on Monday and I have had very little pain since then. Now I just have the itchiness of healing to deal with, and it is so temporary. I should be all better in a week or so. I have a follow-up with my surgeon on Monday, November 14. I don’t even expect much scarring. So – the diagnosis was originally a thickened ligament, which the doctor was planning to excise a bit of to make it pull less. When he cut me, he found an inclusion cyst which was pressing on the joint. Now that it is out, I feel much better.

— 2 —

Has anyone ever tried cauliflower “rice?” It sounds kind of intriguing to me, but I can’t find any reviews that aren’t super-enthusiastic. I don’t know if I can get B. to eat it. I thought I might like to try it before I try to foist it on someone else.

— 3 —

Before my surgery, I planned menus for three weeks, bought all the ingredients, and even cooked some things ahead of time. Unfortunately, that time has come to an end, and I have to plan and shop again.

— 4 —

Our roof is repaired and there are only a few more steps to go until our house is completely recovered from the blimp-strike. In case you haven’t heard, a blimp got loose from its moorings at the airport near our house on August 14, and floated across the airfield, across the road, and into our roof before landing in our neighbor’s yard. It was clearly unmanned. It made quite an impression on our roof. Thank God for insurance! Despite the fight we have had with the company that owns and operates the blimp, and their insurance company, our insurance company has come up to bat for us.

— 5 —

Speaking of coming up to bat, are you watching the Wo.rld Serie.s? We aren’t. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been on at my house yet. I love baseball, but I don’t care for the one team, and have no intense feeling about the other, so I don’t mind. I was excited for the Tigers, but unfortunately, they just didn’t come through.

— 6 —

My diet has not been great since my surgery. I have abandoned my salad-for-lunch ways, and I’m suffering a little. I just couldn’t wash and cut up lettuce and other yummy veggies when I had a bandage on my hand that I had to keep dry. Now, I think it’s just laziness. I am working on it. I feel so much better when I eat healthy food. It hasn’t helped that we had lots of sugary baked goods in the office this week in the aftermath of Bosses’ Day. Today, there’s a big plate of cut-up veggies on the break room table. I love it!

— 7 —

I’ve been hatching a laundry plan and I think I’m going to make it come true. We have a laundry chute in the hallway, but we never use it. However, I HATE lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs. Yesterday, my friend Emily gave me a waist-high wooden cart/table that I think I can use for folding in my laundry room, so I could take clothes out of the dryer, fold them, put them in baskets, and then have B. haul them up the stairs. Then my laziness could be complete! Or, I could just fold them and carry them up myself. There’s really no reason not to…

Have a great weekend! I hope to post more regularly now that typing doesn’t hurt anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday – Volume 21

  1. Glad your hand is better!

    I’ve heard of mashed cauliflower but not rice cauliflower. The mashed type seems like potatoes unless you know what they are and think about it.

    The laundry plan sounds good and I think B. could (read should) do more than haul them up the stairs.

    You have a great weekend too. Hope to see you soon

    Love ya!

    • He helps with the laundry quite often… but sometimes I have to remind him. He has a lot more clothing (especially underwear) than I have.

  2. Wow, you must be so organized to plan and shop for meals so far in advance! I try to do it just a week at a time, but even then I’m often scrambling to come up with dinner. Kudos, and glad your surgery went well!

    • I am not necessarily organized, but I wanted to make sure that my husband would be able to fix dinner when I couldn’t. It was in a way self-preservation. I usually only plan a week at a time, and then go grocery shopping.

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