Seven Quick Takes Friday Volume 23

This Week: No Plain Pony November and some Clean Hippie business.

— 1 —

Progress on No Plain Pony November is as follows: I haven’t worn my hair in a ponytail. I haven’t come up with anything really pretty, but I have felt prettier just because I have put a little effort into my appearance. One day I wore my hair down, one day I wore a French braid, and two days I wore a plain braid.

— 2 —

Tuesday was double cinnabuns. I ponytail my hair first when I do this so it doesn’t slide.

— 3 —

Yesterday I tried this:

It didn’t work! My hair was a little wavy from braids, but it is also too long, too fine, and too thin for this ‘do. I ended up taking my hair down before 8am and braiding it.

— 4 —

Since my chignon didn’t work yesterday, I devised a different and more secure way to do it today. We’ll see if it lasts.

I put my hair in a ponytail, tucked it up through (like a backwards Topsy Tail), put a ponytail holder near the end of the ponytail, folded it in and up to the other ponytail holder, pinned it, and sprayed it. I know hairspray is not very “clean hippie,” but it makes hair look so smooth. I use it about once a month, so I hope this won’t hurt my health or the environment. I at least use pump hairspray… even though I think aerosol would work a lot better.

— 5 —

Now for Clean Hippie business: I’m still washing my face with raw honey. I have been doing this for quite some time and it is awesome. Honey has antibacterial properties, which I guess is what helps me not to have as many pimples. Honey is really easy to use. I bought a pump bottle for the bathroom counter, but unfortunately, it doesn’t like to deliver such viscous and sticky stuff, so I have been using the pump tube like a honey server to scoop honey out and put it in my hand. I don’t even need moisturizer and I won’t use any unless I need sunscreen. I don’t spend much time outside, so I figure any vitamin D I can get is good, and sunscreen interferes with vitamin D from the sun.

— 6 —

Homemade deodorant: Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I never tried this before, as long as I’ve been using coconut oil on my hair and skin. I just put ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of cornstarch in a bowl and started adding solid coconut oil by the tablespoon and chopping it together until I got frustrated and mixed it with my hands. It made a nice, slightly gritty paste. I scooped it into an old deodorant container and at current temperatures, it is nice and solid and turning up the container makes it rise just like store-bought deodorant. I don’t need much, which surprised me. I thought I was pretty smelly, but I haven’t noticed much smell since I started with this stuff. Some people have complained about itchiness or breakouts, but I haven’t had any trouble. It is a little white on the ‘pits, but probably less than “traditional” deodorant. I haven’t noticed too much wetness, either, but I also haven’t used anti-perspirant for several years, so I think I’m probably just used to that, although the cornstarch could have something to do with that as well. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, so coupled with baking soda, it is a great odor-fighter.

— 7 —

My mother-in-law shared this article with me this week. The best point to me was that plants and other natural ingredients do have chemicals. I have always thought that the “no chemicals” claims should actually be “no artificial chemicals” because strictly speaking, if something had no chemicals, it wouldn’t actually exist. I’m not sure what I think of the rest of the article. I disagree with some of the recommendations and have no experience to comment on others.

Have a great weekend and may God bless you!

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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday Volume 23

  1. I love the double cinnabuns, so cute! I am very guilty of everyday ponytails, I justify it as one step up from just messy bun or big clip. I’ll have to try the honey, although I wear a good amount of makeup, do you think it would wash that off?

    • They say not to have any makeup on your face when you put the honey on. I don’t (or very rarely) wear any, so it isn’t a problem for me. Crunchy Betty has this suggestion for removing makeup if you use honey to wash your face.

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