Today’s Hairdo

Today I did a Dutch lace braid wrapping the left side of my head  into a braided bun. It sounds complicated, but it only took a few minutes to do it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good camera or good light.

Basically, if you know how to do a Dutch braid, you can do this. It takes a small hair band and a few pins (I used my Spin Pins because I love them). A “lace” braid is an attached braid (French or Dutch) that is only attached on one side. You do this by adding strands only on one side, rather than both sides. I added from the hairline, but left the rest free until the nape of my neck, where I added in the rest of my hair for a free-hanging braid. Once I banded off the braid, I twirled it into a bun. It feels a little loose, but I haven’t gotten this many compliments on my hair for months.

Strange, though, when I tried to tell my short-haired co-workers that it wasn’t so hard, they just didn’t believe me.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Hairdo

  1. I admire your expertise with various braids. All braids seem hard for me to do (obviously not on myself). I’ve seen you in a French braid and I really like that one.

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