Pray More Novenas

I found the coolest website, Pray More Novenas. It sends you reminders to help you pray novenas. A novena is a devotion or prayer of nine days, usually for a specific intention. The neat thing about Pray More Novenas is that you get e-mailed reminders to pray leading up to Church holy days. It is great if you forget that a special holy day is coming up. The other cool aspect is that several thousand other people are praying this novena, and in addition to praying for their own intentions, they pray for everyone else’s as well. It is easy to remember to pray, as long as you check your e-mail! Thanks to John Paul for starting Pray More Novenas! I haven’t even started to pray along yet and I think it will be a great addition to my prayer life.

The upcoming novena is the Novena of the Immaculate Conception, beginning on November 30. Visit to sign up and pray along with us! I have a situation in my life that needs powerful prayers, and I am counting on the prayers of all the other participants, as well as the prayers of our Blessed Mother whose Immaculate Conception we will celebrate on December 8 (it’s a holy day of obligation, too!)

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