Seven Quick Takes, Volume 24

— 1 —

Maybe I have never mentioned it, but I love my Google Reader. It keeps me from having to remember which blogs I like to read. Another feed reader might work fine for me, but I feel like I need something to help me keep up. I just happened to try Google Reader first.

— 2 —

Interesting about the blogs I follow in Google Reader: I have bloggers named Kaitlin, Katie (two of them), Kate (two of them) and Katy. I also have three blogs on my list with “Betty” in the title, but only one of those bloggers is named Elizabeth, aka Betty (the other two are Hallie and Leslie). I even have two Leilas (one is Lay-la and the other is Lee-la). I also have three Johns. I don’t know another blogger out there named Jeanne.

— 3 —

I love pumpkin pie, but I hate store-bought pie crust. Actually, hate is too strong a word here. I just don’t like it, and if I have no dessert choice other than store-bought pumpkin pie, I will eat it gladly. For me the hierarchy of pie is:

Obviously, the best (and least common) is at the top!

— 4 —

I made a pie chart! Snort!

— 5 —

We had our first “Thanksgiving” last night, a potluck with B.’s Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assembly. That’s what got me thinking about pie.

— 6 —

And speaking of potluck dinners, pie and other desserts, I have a rule that helps me with dessert at a potluck. Maybe it will help you too.  Only eat desserts that are homemade or at least look homemade. This cuts down drastically on the number of desserts I eat at a potluck. In general, I stick to homemade on the sides, too, but sometimes I can’t pass something up, like the marinated artichoke salad one gentleman brought last night. If I eat fewer desserts, that’s healthier, right? And homemade desserts usually are made of simpler ingredients as well. Plus, I don’t end up feeling over-full. Of course, if more people like belong to the group holding the potluck, I’m in trouble. I think that if you have any time at all, you should cook something rather than trusting it to a grocery store.

— 7 —

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May God bless you, and may you recognize your blessings and thank God for them.

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