The O Antiphons

In late Advent, the Liturgy of the Hours makes use of the ancient prayers known as the O Antiphons. Antiphons are short verses repeated before and after a psalm or canticle. The O Antiphons appear with the Magnificat, Mary’s Canticle, from Luke chapter one, verses 46-55.

The O Antiphons make use of titles for Jesus which each  describe an important aspect of His personality and leadership. The titles are:

Sapientia (Wisdom)

Adonai (Lord)

Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse)

Clavis David (Key of David)

Oriens (Dawn or Dayspring)

Rex Gentium (King of the Nations)

Emmanuel (God with Us)

When taken together and backwards from the last day toward the first, these titles make an acrostic which spells out ERO CRAS, meaning “Tomorrow, I come.”

In the coming days, I mean to give a little reflection on each of the O Antiphons because I find them so interesting and enlightening. I hope these will help your faith and understanding as well.

More links on the O Antiphons here.

2 thoughts on “The O Antiphons

    • I’ve always been excited to share the things that interest me but only recently have I realized how the things that interest me can help others.

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