It’s a hurting world

I often have little epiphanies in the middle of doing mundane activities. Most often, I think “I’ll write about that,” and don’t. I just had one of these moments as I was placing mail in the mailbox and I’ll try to share it the best I can.

My office is in the downtown area of our city. Anytime you walk out the door you can see varying numbers of people, from different walks of life. In the warm weather months, you’re as likely to see a resplendent bride having her photograph taken as you are a shirtless homeless man. In the winter, like today, most of the people you see are bundled up, scowling, with steam coming from their mouths. No one looks you in the eye. You don’t look anyone in the eye, for fear they speak to you. No one knows the pain or joy inside the anonymous neighbor.

Are we meant to be like this? Isolated, afraid of the rest of humanity? Would it hurt to smile? I sometimes force myself to smile, even when I can’t look others in the eye. I am a shy introvert. Sometimes it really does hurt me, emotionally, to open up to a stranger. Still, despite the stress and strife in my life, I have a reason for joy. I know God loves me… I know He loves the anonymous neighbors as well. Maybe I can’t tell everyone in words about His love. But I can share a little joy. I must bring a little smile out into the hurting world.

Maybe it will help me more than it helps anyone else, but the love of God is too big to keep inside.

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