Seven Quick Takes – Volume 33

— 1 —

Brett had another interview this morning. This one was a second interview. I haven’t heard back from him on how it went yet. Keep praying (we are).

— 2 —

On Valentine’s Day, we never go out. Restaurants are crowded and there’s a tendency for both the food and the service to be below expectation. I think Brett would just as soon forget the whole “holiday” but I kind of like being reminded of how much I love him (and that I should let him know).

— 3 —

We had only been dating for a month and a half when Valentine’s Day first came around for us. Since Brett had a cold, and because of the aforementioned problems with Valentine’s Day, we decided to have dinner at his house. We had steak. I mean, just steak. No side dishes. Steak and IBC cream soda. It didn’t impress me, but I married him anyway. Because love isn’t all about what you cook for dinner.

Steak by OCAL Clip Art from Clker

— 4 —

Our movie choice that Valentine’s Day wasn’t so romantic either: Slapshot. And I chose it, too. The reason being I was tired of hearing references to it and not “getting the joke.” It is not a good choice for early in a relationship. There is a scene with a shirtless woman, in a conversation with the main character, in bed. There’s also a lot of profanity. There is also Paul Newman, plus hockey, which I like, so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Oh well, live and learn.

— 5 —

We’ve watched Slapshot every Valentine’s Day since. Even if it embarrassed me when we were dating, it’s funny. It’s kind of fun to have little traditions.

— 6 —

I guess these are going to be Seven Valentine’s Takes. I really do love and appreciate my husband. I noticed he has a tab set up on his browser for my blog. I don’t know if it is because he’s taking a sincere interest or because he got tired of me pestering him about reading it.

Wedding Day Smiles

— 7 —

What are your Valentine’s Plans?

Have a lovely weekend and a great Valentine’s Day when it comes around.

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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes – Volume 33

  1. I love this! I laughed ’til I cried about the steak dinner!!! Hadn’t heard that story before – that’s great!!! Happy Valentine’s to you both.

    • I’m surprised I hadn’t told you that! I told one of our friends once, and he told us about the first meal his now wife made for him… all vegetables. Our meals would have gone well together!

  2. V Day plans: possibly a church dinner though my preference would be to stay home and watch NCIS.

    I also thinks it’s sweet that he has a tab for your blog and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s because he’s interested.

    • I think I should give him the benefit of the doubt, too. He was on Facebook when I published this post and he came over and kissed me and said “I love you,” and went back to his computer.

  3. Hey Jeanne,

    This is Kristen from Sage and Chocolate. You won the Baking Mat Giveaway, but I’m not sure which email address to try (did you use a different one when signing up for the newsletter?) Get back to me with your address and I’ll have it shipped out to you!


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