Lent Link-Up with Kayla of The Alluring World

What am I doing for Lent this year? I am a cradle Catholic, and except for a few years in my twenties, I have always tried to do something for God during Lent. It has only been recently that I have come to understand that God can use our suffering and sacrifice, that it is efficacious. Before, I thought that “giving something up” was something you did to prove you were a good Christian. Now I know that God can make something beautiful from my sacrifices, and that He can change me! I know I’m not a “good Christian,” but I have a chance to allow God to work on me, and Lent is a good time to open up to Him.

This Lent, I am planning to give up bread and sweets. I know that it is stereotypical to give up sweets, and that a lot of people do it for their own physical health. I understand that not eating cakes, candies, doughnuts, and the like will be good for my health, but that is not my focus in this case. I can’t remember where I read this, but I read last year or the year before that if you give up sweets, you every time you sacrifice the chance to eat something, sweet, you should remember that Jesus is the real sweetness of your life. I find this quite appropriate for carb-addicts like me.

I am also going to go to daily Mass as often as I can. I have much to learn from the readings and homilies, but the most important reason to go to Mass is to worship God, and that is my reasoning.

The Church calls Lent a season of “fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.” For fasting, I’m giving up bread and sweets. For prayer, I’m going to Mass more often. Almsgiving is not my strong suit. I’m kind of  a tightwad when it comes to money, and when it comes to “stuff,” well, I don’t give it away unless it’s no longer useful to me. However, this Lent, I am going to save and give a significant (for me) donation to an organization in my city that serves the needs of the homeless and others who are less fortunate. It won’t be much, but I will have to sacrifice to give it.

What are you doing for Lent? Maybe you’d like to link up with Kayla, too.

4 thoughts on “Lent

  1. I am hoping to get to Mass at least one day (besides Sunday) during Lent, too. I understand how you feel about “almsgiving.” I’ve come up with a sort of “action plan” for that part of my journey: I am not officially “giving up” going out to eat, but I’ve decided when the urge to go out strikes, I’m going to add up how much it would cost (either just myself our my family of four depending on the circumstance) to do so. I am going to put that money toward a charitable organization. Good luck to you on your Lenten journey!

    • Good luck to you too, Leanne. You have a good idea, there. We very rarely go out to eat anyway, so that wasn’t an option for me.

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