Stealing Jenny

Wow! I’ve read two fiction books in two months!

Ellen Gable’s Stealing Jenny is a suspenseful story about a young mother who is kidnapped by a woman who envies her fertility and wants to take her unborn child. Jenny and her husband Tom have four daughters, one son, and a “Little Buddy” on the way. Denise hasn’t been able to get pregnant, has been divorced by her husband, and has more than a few psychological problems.

Ellen weaves Catholic faith and family life into the story in a very natural way.  Jenny’s family prays, they’re friends with their priest and they are open to life. I enjoyed reading this and thinking about how my family will be when I have children. I also enjoyed her use of flashback to deepen her characters and explain where they are coming from. Ellen also does an excellent job of writing children. So many family stories, be they books or movies, show you either the adults’ perspective or the child’s perspective. We get to see the world through Jenny and Tom’s oldest daughter, Chris’s eyes as well as through Jenny’s, her kidnapper’s, Tom’s, and the police detective Kathy’s eyes.

It took me a while to get started on this book, mostly because I was reading it on Kindle for PC and I don’t take my computer to bed. Once I got started, I sat down and read for three hours. The suspense of what will happen next keeps you turning the pages as you pull for Jenny and her child to be found safely.

Disclaimer:  I was given a free copy of Stealing Jenny to review.

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