Where I Write

More than half of my blog posts are written here:


This is my cube at work. I write here when I have a break, at lunch time, and when I have downtime. I have water, lip balm, and a wedding picture right in front of me. Today my San Damiano crucifix is right in front of me as well, but it usually is up and to my left. I have holy cards up and to my right: St. Dominic, St. Martha, Bl. Mother Teresa, baby Jesus and the Divine Mercy. I am blessed to work where this is not weird!

The rest of my blog posts are written from my sofa at home, as are many of my Facebook status updates and almost all my tweets.









I’m interested to see where others write. Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary is hosting a blog hop of “Where I Write.” If you want to take a peek into bloggers’ lives, check it out. If you have a blog, show us where you write!

3 thoughts on “Where I Write

  1. I AM the other Jeanne. I live in Tampa, Florida. I am kind of a Catholic beach bum, a native of NYC, grew up in Tampa, land of pirates and old
    Florida stuff.

    I don’t believe in neat wood your way. Sorry, but nice is boring. I tried that but it didn’t work. What is on the shelf on my Expedit desk? I like good cheap furniture because it stores stuff and well, when a hurricane comes and wrecks things I can get some more. Besides I like fun and
    don’t have to be scrupulous about it. I AM not apologizing. I like furniture that you can put something beachy, Floridian and pink on it with a cross blessed by a frar from Franciscan University.

    Pass the word to Jen that long time real Floridians are very outside the box and not uptight. I think it comes from seeing more folks come in and out of our towns that you have people in towns up north. We see more people that you do, so individuality for us has to be real and maybe a but more out about it. I like a quiet place after a long day inside and out at the beach. Windows are distracting and make me want not to work.

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