Seven Quick Takes Volume 36

— 1 —

I didn’t think giving up sweets for Lent would be so hard. Last year during Lent the kitchen at work was noticeably bare. Not so this year. One co-worker brought in a big basket of goodies as a thank you for supporting her through the death of her son. One group has been meeting off-site and bringing back the leftovers. Then there was a big meeting at the office last evening, at which apparently there were many attendees who also gave up sweets for Lent. It looks like a reception or a party back there. But I know that it is important to keep my word to God.

— 2 —

We’ve been watching “Downton Abbey,” which we borrowed from the public library on DVD. Unfortunately, we are still number 147 in line to get Season 1, so we have only seen Season 2. I just hope that we get Season 1 before Season 3 comes on television. It is annoying that you can borrow a whole season on DVD from the library, and you still only get 5 days to watch it. We finished up watching after ten last night and then had to go return it to the library before midnight.

— 3 —

I so wish I could dress like the women on “Downton Abbey.” In case you haven’t seen it, it takes place during the 1910’s in England. Their day wear looks so comfortable and feminine. I am stuck with either comfortable or feminine. Their hairstyles are beautiful, too. I can’t figure out how to get so much volume on the sides. There is one thing that I’m getting right already, although I don’t think it really translates: no makeup. Of course, they wear makeup for the cameras, but only enough that it looks like they’re not wearing any. I don’t wear makeup and I’m pretty sure it looks like I need some.

Ladies of Downton

Photo source

— 4 —

A co-worker of mine lives in a rural area, and as a service both to the office and to her mother’s Amish housemaid, sells fresh eggs from an Amish farm at work. I don’t get them every week because there’s not enough to go around, but I did get some this week. I’m eating two of them that I scrambled in the microwave as we speak. I should have brought them home last night, but I was so glad they were here.

— 5 —

Last week I complained about being late to work because of Mass. This week I got my behind out of bed and got to 6:30 Mass at my parish, which allowed me to get to work on time. What a blessing to be able to start my day with the Lord in this way.

— 6 —

I love my doctor! He understands Natural Family Planning and works with couples who use it. The best thing about this is that he can look at my super-messed-up chart and make sense out of the weird symptoms. He can look at my chart and know what to check for next. I saw him on Tuesday. I will talk more about this later on in the blog.

— 7 —

I’m not always an optimist, but sometimes optimism is the only way to escape fatalism. I have been giving myself frequent pep talks lately, smiling even when I don’t feel like it and praying every time I think about it, and now I actually feel happier and more peaceful. God is good.

May he bless you with a safe and happy weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Volume 36

  1. I am so taken with Downton Abbey! We watched Season 1 on Netflix over the summer, and then Season 2 online as it came out on PBS this year. I’m sorry you have such a long wait for Season 1! I believe that you can get a 1-month free trial of streaming Netflix (and cancel before the membership is charged), so you could try that if you get antsy to watch it. I know Season 1 is still on there, because we just finished re-watching it last night. The clothes are so lovely, and the women all look beautiful and feminine without overdoing it.
    Very happy to hear that you’ve been able to go to Mass and that your doctor understands NFP!

  2. I gave up going out to eat.. my goodness it that tough! Sweets would be really hard too, but since I’m on a diet I’ve kind of been doing that already… That’s awesome you have a doctor that understands NFP! I hope when I move I can be so lucky 😀

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