Seven Quick Takes, Volume 37

— 1 —

I am writing this week’s installment of Quick Takes on Thursday because tomorrow I will be at a work retreat. This time it is more practical than spiritual, based on working from your strengths. It should be good. I hope.

— 2 —

I can’t believe this: I gained six pounds this week! After losing five last week! I am not happy. I’ve been working hard to sacrifice and set myself aside. I haven’t been eating bread or sweets. Maybe I’m just meant to be bigger.

— 3 —

I went to the doctor last week (and this week), and he has me doing a series of blood-work testing my hormones. (Possible TMI alert) He removed a polyp from my cervix (no one knows what causes these, it’s probably hormonal). He is hopeful that that will stop me from having unusual spotting. I am hopeful as well.

— 4 —

Is it shameless to link to an article written by another blogger in which I’m quoted? I’m not quoted as an expert or anything. It’s fairly anonymous, using only my first name. For some reason, I’m quite pleased with being included. It is a wonderful article, in Catholic Digest, by one of my favorite bloggers, Daria Sockey, who writes Coffee and Canticles. Do you think it’s shameless? If so, I guess I have no shame… click here to read.

— 5 —

I think between blogging and Twitter, I might learn not to be star struck. Last year, we were at a banquet where a pretty well-known Catholic author was seated at the same table. I could hardly speak to her. She’s just another person, but I was reading one of her books just that week. Now, I interact online with people whose books and magazine articles I’ve read and people who I’ve seen on television – not actors, but people who I’ve seen interviewed. It’s kind of neat. I don’t find it difficult, but who knows what it would be like in person. Have you ever met a celebrity (or someone who you consider to be a celebrity) in a social situation?

— 6 —

I’m looking for beautiful, classic paintings of the different Mysteries of the Rosary. Any suggestions?

— 7 —

We have Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Candidates Night tonight (Thursday). We’ll be having a dinner where men who are interested in joining the Assembly in April and their wives will be with us. After dinner, the Knights meet, and I get to meet with the ladies. We’ll be talking about a gift basket that we have to put together to auction off at the Exemplification weekend. I have no ideas for it yet! I hope someone else does!

Have a blessed weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes, Volume 37

  1. #4 is awesome!!!!

    #7 My fiance is thinking about joining the knights after he comes into the church. The disappointing thing to me is there is no active ladies auxillary group out of all the councils in our area! I am looking for a women’s group I fit into (as I don’t fit into the ‘singles’ crowd nor the ‘moms’ crowd) so I wish that existed here!

  2. Ugh I know the feeling Stacy. We started a women’s group but it’s these old ladies who just complain 😦 I got bored of it. I find I need a kid to make friends 😦

  3. #5 – I am OBSESSED with the show Sister Wives and I have a GROUP/Column on tweetdeck with a bunch of the people from Sister Wives and I will tweet at them. Once one of the kids RT one of my tweets!! *awestruck* But following *celebrities* is really neat and I think twitter helps to proove that they are real people and eat and go grocery shopping like the rest of us.

  4. Just a note on Take #6…you might be able to find the rosary pics at a website called Emmanuel books, I order my homeschool things from there and i got 8×10 stations of the cross and 4×5 Rosary mystery pictures but I believe they come in larger sizes…hope this helps

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