Surprise from Good Friday Liturgy

On Good Friday, we had the surprise of finding out after the service* of the Lord’s Passion that during the Showing of the Holy Cross we were doing it wrong. With the 2nd edition of the Roman Missal, you may remember that the priest or deacon would chant

This is the wood of the Cross, on which hung the Savior of the World.

to which we responded

Come, let us worship.

But now, the priest, and deacon, and if necessary, the choir should chant

Behold the wood of the Cross, on which hung the salvation of the world.

to which we should respond

Come, let us adore.

The emphasis is mine, because that was the surprise, which we didn’t know about until after the service because the new missalette chosen for use in our parish doesn’t have the script, only the readings. We chanted, like every other year, “Come, let us worship.” I like “adore” because it is what I have seen called “heightened language,” that is, language that is fancier and therefore helps convey the importance of the text. Worship and adore seem to have similar meanings, but this way we may more sense the gravity of what we are saying.

Within the next few days I will share a surprise that delighted me from the Easter Vigil.

*Yes, it is a service. Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday. In this service, the Bread for Holy Communion is the Body of Christ which was consecrated at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday evening. Find out why we don’t have Mass on Good Friday here.


2 thoughts on “Surprise from Good Friday Liturgy

  1. I like “adore”, too, I guess for the reminder of adoration. Funny story- Steven has called mass ‘service’ for long time because he grew up Baptist. I’ve been working so hard to get him used to saying mass. Then on Good Friday as we left, he said something about mass, and I corrected him and said service…. I thought might cry lol!

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