Seven Quick Takes Volume 40

— 1 —

Brett is going to become a teacher. I’m excited for this because I think he’ll be good at it and I love him. Plus, he has sought-after expertise, with a bachelor’s degree in math. I will tell you all more about this as it develops.

— 2 —

I love Easter! Did you know that Easter lasts 50 days?

— 3 —

During Lent, I gave up sweets and bread. During the Octave of Easter (Easter Week), I have been indulging and I don’t feel so good. My gut felt so good and my tummy was so flat during Lent, that I think I will continue to make these foods very occasional indulgences. It will be like the No S Diet: only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Days (I will not be doing the “No Snacks” or “No Seconds” portions of that diet.)

— 4 —

Please pray for my sister Trish who’s having some troublesome health problems and going through testing and for my cousin Cyndi who just had surgery for an abscess from diverticulitis.

— 5 —

I’m trying to learn how to balance all my internet activity with real life. How do people do it? I’m either out of touch and absent from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and my blog, or I’m sitting in a filthy house ignoring my husband and my pets.

— 6 —

I had a routine physical with blood work, a tetanus shot, and a thyroid ultrasound this week. My arm doesn’t hurt any more, my blood tests came back normal, and my thyroid nodules are holding steady. Yay! Does this mean I’m healthy? Things seem to be getting better with my lady problems too. I’m feeling okay (pretty good until I started eating junk again…). Maybe if I can just quit stressing, I will perceive myself to be healthy.

— 7 —

God bless you! Have a lovely weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Volume 40

  1. 1 – That is awesome! I thought about going for math teaching certification but never went through with it. If I hadn’t found a job I liked by June I was going to go go back and do pharmacy tech or something in a good field.

    5 – I have NO IDEA!! I just started a new job that isn’t even fulltime 3 weeks ago and my blog and sm time has been SUFFERING big time! I feel like I am missing out on so much from my blogging and internet friends because I have to work. Then I come home and don’t really feel like blogging and end up playing catch-up on twitter and facebook all night.

  2. 4. Sorry to Trish is having health problems. Will say prayers for her.
    1. Can’t wait to hear more!
    3. I have found over the years that when I give up something for Lent I don’t want it anymore (after two or three years of giving up the same thing). That’s how pop and Doritos have been virtually extinguished from my diet. And it’s rare that I have much ice cream. These were all “staples” of my diet some years back.
    6. Glad to hear your health problems are diminishing!
    7. Ditto!

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