Seven Quick Takes Volume 43

I’m not feeling particularly chatty today, but I’ll give some Quick Takes a shot…

— 1 —

First off, my sister, Tricia, had her gallbladder removed yesterday. She’s doing well and recovering. She told me her 11-month-old doesn’t understand why mommy can’t hold him. I wish I could go help her! Please pray for her continued recovery.

— 2 —

I saw my ob-gyn this morning. My hormone numbers were not good. My estrogen was normal but my progesterone was a little over half what it should be. This causes all sorts of fun PMS, plus it has been indicated in women with repeated miscarriages. I get to start new prescriptions soon to try to get this in order. Yippee!

— 3 —

Have you been following the story of Chen Guangcheng? The thing that amazes me most is that his whole protest is about the forced abortions and sterilizations that China forces on its people, but when you read a mainstream news story about him, they call him a “human rights activist” and it takes until almost the end of the story to mention what he’s protesting. Amazing…

— 4 —

More China: I anxiously read Heifer 12×12, where Betty Londergan tells about her travels to 12 countries this year for Heifer International. This month is China, and today’s post just made my heart feel that happy/sad tightness. Go check it out! Heifer is doing wonderful work around the world helping people to provide food for themselves and their communities.

— 5 —

Any recommendations for shoes to go with a long light green dress? I have a banquet to go to at the end of the month and I’ve never worn it, so I’d like to debut it (it’s actually borrowed from my mom, but she said I looked better in it than she does). I really don’t have summer or spring shoes. Most of my shoes are black and practical.

— 6 —

I have lots of clothes that I can wear but they don’t exactly fit. I have long seen how Grace at Camp Patton alters her own clothes, and I’m ready to start doing some alterations of my own. I think. Anyway, I’ll post about them as I can.

— 7 —

I haven’t posted a picture yet this week, so I’ll leave you with this. I love my husband!

God bless you and give you a wonderful weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Volume 43

  1. 1.) gallbladder surgery is a joy. mine was 7 years ago. i’m glad i didn’t have daniel at that point because i don’t think i could have focused on recovery and taken care of him.

    5.) i love heifer international. i’ve given many animals as presents for birthdays, mother’s day, and christmas.

    • Yeah, I had my gallbladder out about 7 or 8 years ago too. I was single and living with my parents. That was a blessing!

    • I just can’t believe the things I’m hearing in Chen’s case.

      Those shoes are adorable! Thanks (they go with Stacy’s champagne colored shoe recommendation too). I still have my wedding shoes, but I can’t wear them because they are Skechers mary janes! Not exactly pretty but they were very comfy.

  2. HI JEANNE!! Thanks so much for the shout-out and yes, it IS difficult to be in China and not be appalled at the attack on religion and the many, many restrictions the government places on people — BUT the rural people themselves are still beautiful and admirable and needy, so I am very glad Heifer is there doing its good work! I would recommend nude-colored peep-toe shoes — and a higher heel always makes me feel like I’m dressed up … but there are so many options with a wedge, that almost feel like flats, you can have it both ways!! Love the photo of you in your wedding dress — lovely!!! p.s. I agree about Chen Guangcheng — but from what I saw, most everybody is having more than one baby and paying the “penalty tax” — and p.s.s. I’ll say a few prayers for your sister, too!!!

    • Thanks! I really am excited about what Heifer is doing. Actually at this moment I’m watching a news story about Chen and they still never mentioned what the issue is.

  3. 1. Hope you sister gets back to normal real soon.
    2. Hope your numbers get adjusted.
    5. Just so long as they are comfortable. Maybe that’s just me since my feet hurt in dress shoes.
    6. Good luck with the alterations. I hate hemming and sewing buttons back on. A needle and thread is just not my thing.
    7. What a sweet picture!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I’m sure things will be better soon!

      It’s going to be interesting to try to find some shoes that are dressy and still comfortable.

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