Seven Quick Takes Volume 44

This week: Seven Random Takes

— 1 —

I’m tired and grumpy this morning. I hope to buck this trend next Friday. This is the second Friday in a row that I haven’t been excited enough about it being Friday to be in a good mood.

— 2 —

I’m thinking about (and praying for) people who need prayers. The first one who comes to mind is Jen of Conversion Diary, the usual hostess of Quick Takes Friday. She witnessed a horrible accident which took the life of a neighbor. Speaking of her neighbor, I’m praying for his family and for the repose of his soul. I’m also thinking of an online friend, L., who may be pregnant and has had several miscarriages. She’s happy to be pregnant but afraid she will lose another baby.

— 3 —

I’ve also been thinking of things that used to be important to me that aren’t important anymore. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about getting good grades anymore. I don’t have to try to find a man to spend my life with. I don’t feel like I need to paint my nails twice a week (or even twice a year). I don’t have to put makeup on before I leave the house. I’m not worried that my siblings will read my diary or break my toys (this blog is the only diary I have and I wish they would read it once in a while). It’s amazing how time changes our priorities.

— 4 —

I’m planning to make chicken stock this weekend. This stuff is so good. A long time ago, I got the idea here. Today I do things my way, but my broth still comes out beautiful. It’s so rich. I love to make soup out of it! My latest “thing” is making creamy chicken and rice without canned soup… I use my stock with onions, butter, flour, and milk to make a yummy white sauce. I don’t bother roasting the chicken first, I’m a working woman who’s very involved in her parish, come on! I put a raw, washed chicken in water with carrots, onions, and a glug of apple cider vinegar. I bring it to a boil, skim any scum, and simmer all day. When the chicken falls apart, I take it out, pick the meat off and put it into another container for later use, and put the bones back in the pot. At the end, I put in some dried parsley and some peppercorns and a little salt and let it cook a little while longer. Then I strain the broth into glass jars, cool and freeze until I need it.

— 5 —

Yes, I do still wash chickens. They usually have pin feathers and clots on them. I can sanitize my sink after, it’s really not hard. I have read recently that you shouldn’t wash chicken but I’m old-fashioned I guess.

— 6 —

Being old-fashioned about the way I cook reminds me of a story. You’ve probably heard it, in which case you can skip to take #7.

A woman taught her daughter how to bake a ham. “Remember,” she said, “always cut this end off. This is our family’s secret for the best ham.”

“Why do you do it that way?” the daughter asked.

“This is what grandma taught me to do.”

So the daughter went to her grandma and asked, “Why do you cut the end off the ham when you bake it?”

“Well,” replied the grandma, “I do it that way because my mother taught me to always do it. It makes the best ham.”

Finally, the girl visited her great-grandmother. “Great grandma,” she said, “What is it about cutting the end off a ham that makes it so wonderful?”

“Well, dearie, I always cut the end off a ham because that was the only way I could get it to fit in my roasting pan.”

— 7 —

I like goofy jokes, even if I’ve heard them a million times. What are your favorite goofy jokes? Maybe they’ll help my mood!

Have a wonderful weekend.

For more Quick Takes, visit Betty Beguiles! where the lovely Hallie is our substitute hostess for the week.

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