Seven Quick Takes, Volume 46

— 1 —

Last weekend was the Knights of Columbus State Convention. Brett had meetings, but there wasn’t anything for me to do most of the day Saturday, so I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum.

— 2 —

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the Museum at 9am, I found out it didn’t open until 11, so I took a walk around Eden Park. I found a quiet place to sit and prayed the Office of Readings, then I walked around and looked and took pictures.

— 3 —

The Museum was lovely. I took some pictures, but I wish I had taken the real camera instead of just my phone.

by Elizabeth Boott Duveneck, Cincinnati artist

by Marc Chagall. I recognized this artist from across the room!

By William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Part of the caption by the Bouguereau painting. Bouguereau was realist in the age of impressionism. I laughed out loud.

— 4 —

Taking pictures of temporary exhibits is prohibited, so I couldn’t photograph my favorite part: the Henry Ossawa Tanner exhibit. Tanner was an African-American artist in the late 19th century. He had been a landscape painter, but after a life-changing trip to the Holy Land, he painted mostly religious scenes.

The Pilgrims of Emmaus. This was my favorite. I stood in front of it for ten minutes.

— 5 —

I ate in the Museum Café. Here’s what I had:

Half and half plate with “Amish Country” salad, a BLT, and a fruit cup

It was delicious. Here’s what it looked like after:

I didn’t follow “Light Weigh” eating principles, but at least I  couldn’t eat it all!

The melon was a little “passed” so I just ate the pineapple out of the fruit cup. Then I just got full.

— 6 —

Sunday we attended Mass at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. Despite living in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for several years, I’d never been there. I loved the mosaic and the Stations of the Cross.

— 7 —

Sunday afternoon, we were privileged to go to the cemetery where a friend’s parents are buried and place a flag on the grave of his father, who was a World War II vet. Brett texted our friend a photo of the flag there, but he didn’t hear back from him right off. Tuesday evening when we saw this friend, he tried to thank us, but he got choked up. On the second try he was able to tell us how much it meant to him. What a moving experience!

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12 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes, Volume 46

  1. I love those stations of the cross! So pretty and different. I know the feeling. My new phone has a pretty good camera but sometimes it’s just not as good as my regular camera 🙂

    My favorite art exhibit ever was this room filled with balloons!! It was awesome!!

  2. Looks like you kept yourself entertained! I love that your husband goes to the KoC convention! When my parents took me to Rome a few back, we saw the actual chains of St. Peter! We just happened to walk in a church to see the inside and bam… there were the chains! It was amazing.

    • I got to see St. Peter’s Chains in Rome as well. Actually, since I was with a church group coming from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, we arranged to have Mass at St. Peter in Chains in Rome. It was a wonderful experience. We also had a marriage blessing of a couple who had been married 25 years before in a Methodist church but had returned to the Church when their children were small. We secretly went out and bought her a bouquet. It was so much fun!

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