Seven Quick Takes Friday, Volume 48

— 1 —

I cleaned up my patio this week. It looks great. I pulled weeds from the seams in the concrete, swept, and cut back the ivy. When I was satisfied, I decided to go inside for a nice glass of water and discovered I had locked myself out of the house! I only had to wait 40 minutes for Brett to get home and unlock the door as it got dark.

— 2 —

Last Thursday, I noticed when I started my car, the clock was reset, the radio switched from CD to FM, and the total odometer was showing rather than the trip odometer. Over the weekend, the security light was on whenever we drove. Brett drove me to work on Monday “so he could get it looked at,” and then I got a text message at about noon “The car is in the garage and I haven’t been able to start it since getting home.” Luckily, this story has a happy ending. My dad came down, charged the battery, got it started, and traded cars with Brett so he could work on ours at his house. During the week, he let Brett know that he put a battery in it and it’s fine. We get to trade back this afternoon.

— 3 —

The reason we’re going to my parents’ house tonight is not all about the car. We are going to a wedding! My youngest first cousin, Cierra, will be marrying her sweetheart Ned tonight. Prayers and well wishes for them! We’ll be back on Sunday for my nephew’s first birthday party. Happy birthday to him!

— 4 —

I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast made in my Magic Bullet. It’s a pretty neat tool, although I haven’t been able to get things as “smooth” as I’d like. I couldn’t beat the price, though, since it was a Christmas gift from my in-laws. Thanks Anita and Ed!

— 5 —

We watched part 1 of Hatfields and McCoys last night. It was pretty good. I’m anxious to see what happens next. Brett said if Kevin Costner wasn’t involved, it would have only been hour instead of six. This is sad, but our greatest frustration was the “blanked out” words. There was a warning for coarse language! We knew what we were getting into. However, whenever someone said a swear word, there was a silent spot in the sound. At least they didn’t use a beeping sound!

— 6 —

Does it make me a bad Christian if I want movies with cussing to have cussing in them?

— 7 —

God bless you and give you a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday, Volume 48

  1. My opinion on cussing is this… They’re just words. It’s the intent behind whatever words we use that you’ve got to be wary of.

    • I kind of feel the same way. Of course you know, I only use the words myself when I hurt myself or am very angry!

    • I found it kind of strange, but I guess if they were not allowed to play the bad langugae, then it’s better than beeping.

  2. I absolutely love the magic bullet! Have fun at the wedding! And I don’t think it makes you a bad Chrsitian.

  3. I can’t stand a bunch of cussing (just a pet peeve… sometimes I feel people/movies cuss a ton just to do it and that irritates me), but yeah, I would rather hear the cussing than a beep or blip of silence over and over lol.

    So glad for you that you have a car-handy father! I already told Steven that our future hypothetical sons better take a mechanics class because having to pay someone for all our car related stuff is CRAZY!

    • Yeah, my dad is actually a mechanic by trade although he doesn’t work on cars for a living these days (or any part of my life that I can remember). I don’t what we’ll do if we ever move any farther away!

  4. As a former linguistics student, I agree that “cuss words” are just words. I think God is most concerned about “cursing” as in “putting a curse on someone” a.k.a seriously wishing evil upon someone (like “Go to H-ll” or “d@m# you). Also with seriously insulting someone (no examples needed) or using filthy talk (againintending people to feel demeaned or to think of others in demeaning ways). I do think that cuss words are just words and that you can use them in ways that falls in to these bads categories, but you can also use them in ways that does not.

    Real discernment means we think about the intention of our words, not just if our words are on a taboo list, because you can use “nice words” to say things that fit into all those categories too.

    • Good point. I myself am not a fan of using cuss words in most situations, but I was just so annoyed by the blips of silence in the movie!

  5. Hahaha, I loved point #6 – seems like everyone else did too. I’m not a big fan of dropping an f-bomb every 10 seconds in films/tv, but most of the time the bleeped-out silence just gives you the opportunity to fill it in mentally so… not that much of an effect.

    🙂 happy weekend!

    • Really, most of the words they blipped were actually ones that I think you can say on TV. At least you could say them on sitcoms in the ’90s when it was a big deal. Who knows today?

  6. 2. Glad your car is back in running order. 3. Have fun at the wedding. 4. Glad you’re using the Magic Bullet. We use ours everyday, several times a day. 6. I don’t believe anyone could ever accuse you of being a bad Christian. 7. Both of you have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you sometime soon! Love ya!

  7. I have never seen a show that silenced the cuss words vs beeps. I wonder if that makes it more awkward. Last week my sister was showing me clips of the big bang theory (which is a comedy with ppl laughing in the audience) without the laughing in the background. It was soo awkward!!

    My moms friend was moving and somehow had 2 magic bullets so she gave us one. We are still trying to figure out how it works/recipes of drinks to make.

    I hate when I get locked out of the house! We are awful in terms of locking stuff probably from getting locked out so many times!!

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