Seven Quick Takes, Volume 51

— 1 —

I’m going to try to do the quickest takes possible today and next week I’ll write them on Thursday evening so I don’t take up time at work. I only write during downtime and now I don’t have much. Thus my absence from the blog this week.

— 2 —

I have a bump on the white of my eye. Dr. Google says it’s probably not serious, but its driving me crazy. It feels like I have something in my eye. And I looked up my eye doctor and it seems that he is no longer at the same practice. I guess I should go more often.

— 3 —

I should also go to the dentist more often, but I don’t have any dental problems currently.

— 4 —

It was a nice Independence Day, despite the blistering heat. I watched my husband, uncle, brother-in-law, cousins and a few friends lose twice in a double elimination softball tournament. It was merciful that they lost the second game, because otherwise they’d have been playing all day in 100-degree heat.

— 5 —

I made tabbouleh last night, but I substituted brown rice for the bulgur. I have rice in my kitchen every day… not so for bulgur. It was pretty tasty. I should have made a double batch – I still have rice, parsley, green onions, peppers, cucumber, and I would have loved to have it for lunch today.

— 6 —

The bunnies have been having a pretty good summer. I hope this continues. The last two summers, we had one or more get hairballs and try to quit eating. In that case, you have to force feed them, which believe me, is not fun. I like it when they’re healthy.

Ruby, Midnight, Emmet, and April

— 7 —

Today is the feast day of this young lady, a Saint to whom Brett is particularly devoted.

Despite the fact that St. Maria Goretti lived during the photographic era, I’ve never seen a photo of her. I think her family was too poor.

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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes, Volume 51

  1. I hope your eye is ok! My brother scratched his cornea, and that’s no fun! Your bunnies are so cute!!

  2. Oh, a bump in your eye sounds so annoying! I hope it heals quickly, whatever it is. I agree with Emily, those are some pretty cute bunnies!
    Tabbouleh sounds good, I might have to branch out a bit and try it once I can make rice again.

    • The bump in my eye seems to be getting better, and I read that saline eyedrops should help, so I’m going to get some when I go shopping tomorrow.
      The bunnies are adorable, aren’t they? I just wish they would get along like they appear to be doing in the picture. You notice the white one by herself? She’s the troublemaker. She picks fights, and the others like to bait her.
      I guess that with rice, it strictly isn’t tabbouleh, but I wouldn’t even know where to look in the grocery store for bulgur.

    • Wow. I never knew that. I think I prefer the painting. Those funeral photos have always freaked me out. I like to think of her looking like Martina Pinto in the Italian TV film “Santa Maria Goretti” from 2003.

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