Bottle Challenge

Over at Blogging for Brett, my friend Jen advocates for a little boy known as Brett, on Reece’s Rainbow, an international adoption site for children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Brett has Cerebral Palsy. The cool thing for me about Reece’s Rainbow is that it raises money for grants to help families adopt the children that appear on the website.

For July, Jen has proposed a “bottle challenge.” She says this:

Empty a bottle or jar.  (It just needs to have an opening big enough for a quarter to pass through and not get stuck.)  Between July 1st and July 31st, fill it with your spare change.  On July 31st, take it to a bank or Coinstar machine and send the money to Reece’s Rainbow on Brett’s behalf.

I’m in… how about you? Can you spare your change to help children find their forever families? Go visit Blogging for Brett to commit to help!

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