I decided to read Quitter:Closing the Gap between your Day Job and your Dream Job on the recommendation of other bloggers – the kind whose blogs are better than mine (I can’t remember who). I wasn’t disappointed in the read. I got to know Jon Acuff, the author, a little better. He blogs at Stuff Christians Like. His writing is smart and funny. I enjoyed the book very much, but I don’t see how to transfer the things he talked about to my life.

He talked about how he wanted to be a writer. Now he has three books published and a very successful blog. About me, though, here’s a secret: I write (and like) my blog, but I can’t imagine trying to make a living at writing. Actually, my dream job is to be a stay at home mom, maybe with a part-time job in a library. Too many things that are beyond my control would have to come together – basically, Brett would have to get a super-paying job with family insurance, and we would have to have kids. I know we can try, but there’s no guarantee that children are a gift that God will grant us.

If you want to become a writer, Quitter has some great advice to you. If you want to do any job at which you earn money, Quitter will probably help. If your idea of a dream job is a thankless job that literally does not pay, although it immensely affects the future, I don’t think that Jon Acuff’s advice in Quitter will be very useful for you.

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