Seven Quick Takes, Volume 52

This week: Seven Funny Words… no apparent reason.

— 1 —

Glossolalia (speaking in tongues)

— 2 —

Uvula (the hangy-ball at the back of your throat)

— 3 —

Conjunctivitis (pinkeye – I know, it makes my eyes itch to hear it, too, but it sounds like it should mean “with junk.”)

— 4 —

Pandemonium (a wild uproar, chaos, or as it sounds, a poor cuddly panda who’s moaning for some reason)

— 5 —

Orange (The fruit or the color. Nothing rhymes with orange!)

— 6 —

Brunch (The half-breakfast, half-lunch meal. Have you ever tried to make a word from lunch and dinner or supper? What would it be – linner, lupper, lunper?)

— 7 —

Laugh (What other word is there where “gh” sounds like an f. Isn’t it perfect that the word for the sound you make when something is funny is a funny word itself?)

Okay, enough of this nonsense. Have a lovely and blessed weekend!

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