Real Food Confessions…

I love Modern Alternative Mama, a blog written by a local lady about raising, feeding, and caring for you family in a natural, healthy way. Lately, she has been posting “Real Food Confessions” from other real-food, natural, healthy, blogger types, interviewing them about the crunchy, healthy stuff they eat, and what they still haven’t gotten around to.

Of course, I don’t have that kind of blog, but I am trying to get to a more natural, healthy diet for my health (and I get a little of it into Brett too, for his health).

I have my own real food confession to make:


I ate Triscuits while reading Wheat Belly.


If I had a natural, healthy, crunchy blog, I can just imagine the combox controversy that would erupt as soon as I published this post.

I bet the library staff wouldn’t like to hear that either, that I was eating while reading one of their books.

I’ve gotta be me.

6 thoughts on “Real Food Confessions…

  1. LOL! Well the good news is that triscuits are about one of the best (mainstream) grocery store snacks you can have…. did you read the ingredient list? It’s got under 5 (or maybe right at 5) which is unheard of in snack products. I follow a lot of the guidelines on and Triscuits are considered a real food :).

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