Seven Quick Takes, Volume 53

— 1 —

Please pray for Brett to get a job soon. He’s almost finished with his schooling through the State Department of Education to become a math teacher.

— 2 —

I listen to the Son Rise Morning Show most mornings on EWTN radio on my way to work. This morning, movie critic Steven Greydanus quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson:

We become what we think about all day long.

In that case, I’m well on my way to becoming food.

— 3 —

I haven’t worked out for a while, but Wednesday I decided to start doing The Catholic Workout again. My legs are so sore this morning!

— 4 —

I also made these power bars on Wednesday. They look terrible but taste wonderful. I have one in my lunchbox for today.

Photo from Beyond the Peel

— 5 —

I’ve been entering our work library collection into the library database. This is right up my alley, as a person with a Master of Library Science degree. Unfortunately, it has been slow going this week since I’ve gotten bogged down with the section I’ve been working on: grief and loss. It’s so depressing.

— 6 —

We’re working hard on the planning for our parish festival. Brett and I are co-chairs of personnel, which means we facilitate getting all the volunteers, and at the festival, we get them where they need to go. I love the festival part, the planning meetings make me want to gouge my eyes out. There are so many people who just love to argue!

— 7 —

God bless you! I pray for everyone who reads (and sometimes I pray more people will read, too 😉 ).

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3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes, Volume 53

    • They were really easy to make. Only 5 ingredients (the recipe said four, but I didn’t have enough of each kind of nuts). They only took about 10 minutes with my food processor. The only problem you might have is keeping them solid. I think they need to be refrigerated or kept at least below 70 degrees or they get too soft and sticky. I love you too.

  1. We were doing SO well on the Catholic workout and haven’t done it a single time since the wedding! You are inspiring me to get back on track with it.

    Prayers for your husband!

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