Please excuse the hiatus

I’m not quite sure why this current blogging hiatus has come about. I’m very busy at work. I have been spending every possible moment watching the Olympics. I have a book I need to review and I don’t feel like it.

Actually, I’m not feeling love for blogging at all right now. I am tired and rushed and blogging seemed like the best thing to drop first.

I’ll be back soon. God bless you!

4 thoughts on “Please excuse the hiatus

  1. Real life trumps blogging. I’ve been watching Olympics like crazy as well. (OMG… one of our guys broke his leg in the 4×400 relay… and kept running!!!!) I’ll look forward to seeing you when things even out.

    • I didn’t know that about the guy breaking his leg. WOW! I keep waking up immediately after whatever I really wanted to see. Last night I was falling asleep on my chair in the living room before 8. Something’s gotta give here!

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