Why Lucy Likes Me Better

This is our cat, Lucy.

Lucy is a big baby. She’s afraid of strangers. She runs and hides at the slightest suggestion that any human other than Brett or me might come into the house.

She also loves to cuddle. With me… not so much with Brett. She has been known to walk over Brett’s lap to sit on mine.

I think I know why.

My  lap is very squishy. Brett is slim and trim. I’m rounded and curvy.

Also, I eat sardines on Saturdays and I always give her a piece.

So, it you want cats to like you, be fat and give them fish. There’s no way you can lose.


6 thoughts on “Why Lucy Likes Me Better

    • Thanks! She’s just a mixed breed former stray who showed up on our porch (we think she was attracted to the grill). She’s a pretty neat cat!

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